A Healthy Alternative For Soft Water

Got Hard water?

Got ugly stains from your hard water? Lime Scale and ugly water spots on your dishes, sinks and  faucets?

Water that contains lime scale, iron bacteria and other minerals, is generally known as Hard water. Without treatment, they stick to water pipe walls, and create everyday frustrations such as ugly stains and water spots.

Since about 85% of house holds have hard water, it is a common problem that not only leads to increased energy bills and reduced water pressure and shorter life for your appliances.

How is lime scale formed?

As water flows through the ground, minerals  can dissolve into it. When minerals in hard water are exposed to increased temperature or pressure changes, they crystalize and attach to surfaces, such as the insides of the pipes. This can cause corrosion in pipes and appliances.

Suffer no longer, We have a great solution. It doesnt use any salt or electricity, or any chemicals. No maintenance is required and instals in minutes. Try our water conditioner magnets.

Our water magnets soften and condition your hard water naturally, on a molecular level,  and will loosen up existing scale and will prevent any future build up.

Water softening magnets are a environmentally friendly choice, and affordable. Just think, soft water with no salt to buy. Ever. No more buying toxic chemicals to scrub away ugly stains and scale build up.  You will save money on electricity because you wont have energy wasting scale inside your hot water heater.

The magnets we use are made of neodymium, much better and stronger than ceramic made magnets.

Water hardness is measured in parts per million, milligrams per liter or grains per gallon.  Extremely hard water is 20 and over, grains per gallon. Our units can treat up to 60 grains of hardness.

How does it work?

Our premium high strength magnets, create a intense and highly focused magnetic  field that the water flows through and disrupts the natural bonding of water molecules and alters the molecular  structure of the water and  scale forming minerals.

Using basic physics, the magnetic field keeps the molecules suspended in the water so they no longer attach to the walls of your pipes, move freely,  pass through your plumbing and down the drain.

The increase of the surface tension of the water caused by the magnets can  reduce the amount of soaps, detergents and shampoo you use.

This effect will last for approximately 48 hours till it returns to its hard water sticking state. Magnetism  changes the way water behaves. Not only does magnetic water conditioning reduce future scale build up, but in a few months it removes years of existing scale from the insides of your fixtures and pipes.

Magnetized water has many Benefits:

No salt or chemicals needed

No salt to buy or lug around on a regular basis, less bags and waste to dispose of

Maintenance Free

No hydro  required

zero operating costs

no more ugly hard water stains

removes limescale deposits in pipes, dishes, shower heads, shower doors, tubs  and faucets

reduce or eliminate chlorine taste and smell

protects appliances from hard water damage

healthier drinking water

reduces soap use doing the laundry

easy  installation-no tools required

home and commercial applications

affordable one time investment

saves money by hot water heater working more efficiently, will prolong its life

provide a great benefit to your overall health

no wasted water with water softener regeneration,saves money if your water is metered

a superior eco-friendly alternative to soften water

What you should expect

Magnetized water will reduce the negative effects of hard water, will also reduce or eliminate chlorine, aiding in skin conditions from the chlorine, and make  your water taste much better.  So you can shower, cook and drink with better water.

In a week or so the hard water scale will start to loosen and come out the faucets. Tiny pieces may begin to gather in the faucets aerators and shower heads.  Simply remove the aerator and flush backwards with water.

Our MagPlus magnets can be used on tank-less water heaters, or in apartments. They are commercial grade for industrial and farm use, also for  ponds and irrigation.

Our magnet sets, include three magnets, instal two on the water supply pipe as soon as it comes into your house, before your water tank. Instal 1-2 feet apart, depending on bends and turns in the pipe The third magnet goes on outlet of the hot water tank.

Mini magnets are available, they work well on small pipes, such as dishwashers, toilets and ice makers.

Magnetic water conditioning will not give you quite the same effect as soft water units using salt.  The water will be just as hard as before but now acts like soft water.

Magnets-Neodymium vs Ceramic

The most common magnetic water softening units you will find, use ceramic magnets. While ceramic can work well, neodymium magnets are the cutting edge, when it comes to strength. The difference is very noticeable.

The strongest ceramic magnet, used for residential magnetic water softening,  is a Grade 8, with a Gauss rating of 3,850, with a pulling force of 4-12 lbs.  Our water treatment magnets are N42 Grade Neodymium Magnets that are 13,200 Gauss, with a pulling force of 68 lbs! Even our mini magnets have a pulling force of 38 lbs.

In the last few years, some cities across North America have banned the use of some types of salt water softeners. Magnetized water softening is a excellent, non polluting alternative,  a earth friendly way to fight hard water problems without harming the environment.

Salt in the environment affects wildlife who cannot tolerate the high levels of salt in the water so it does not negatively affect water and land eco systems.

The use of magnetic water softening does not pollute the water in any way, and is the shape of things to come.

Our water conditioning magnets work well with all of todays water filtering and purification systems, works effectively with copper, PCV, plastic, steel/galvanized pipe

We believe that these products are the finest,most advanced, effective and affordable,  available today, at any price.